Managed ConMon.

Ensuring Constant Compliance
and Security in the Cloud

Managed ConMon.

Ensuring Constant Compliance and Security in the Cloud

What is it?

Stratus Cyber's Managed Continuous Monitoring Service provides ongoing vigilance in your cloud environment, always ensuring compliance and security. This service is essential for organizations that need to meet stringent continuous monitoring (ConMon) requirements, particularly in the federal sector, for businesses dealing with sensitive data, and for any enterprise seeking to maintain a robust security posture in their cloud operations.


Cost-Effective Cloud Platforms

Comprehensive ConMon Compliance

We manage all aspects of continuous monitoring, ensuring adherence to all regulatory and reporting requirements.

Streamlined Process Management

Our service includes managing ConMon meetings, audit artifact generation, and all necessary documentation.

Proactive Security Posture

Continuous monitoring allows for the early detection of potential security issues, reducing the risk of breaches.

Expert Oversight

Benefit from our team's extensive experience in cloud security and compliance, providing you peace of mind.

What we do

Vulnerability Management
  • POA&M Management
  • Vulnerability Deviation Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Operating System Scanning
  • Container Image Scanning
  • Web Application Scanning
  • Database Scanning
  • Compliance Scanning (STIG, CIS, etc.)
Reviews & Testing
  • User Access Reviews
  • Firewall Reviews
  • Approved Ports, Protocols, and Services Review
  • Security Impact Analysis
  • Audit Log Review
  • Incident Response and Contingency Planning Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
Management & Reporting
  • Change Control Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Performance and Availability Reporting
  • Hardware Inventory Tracking
  • Software Inventory Tracking
  • Monthly FedRAMP ConMon Packages
  • Vulnerability Deviation Report
  • Executive Summary
  • POAM Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Metrics
  • Scan Reports
      SaaS vendors aiming for FedRAMP authorization
      Federal contractors with rigorous ConMon requirements
      Organizations seeking to enhance their cloud security with proactive monitoring
      Businesses requiring detailed compliance reporting and documentation
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