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  Advanced Cyber Defense

Threat Protection

Cyber threats are real, rapidly changing, and difficult to combat. We implement and manage a comprehensive and effective security suite to keep your organization and employees safe everywhere.

Vulnerability Management

Simply putting up defenses is only one part of security. We go beyond defense by proactively identifying vulnerabilities in your organization's technology and help you fix those holes. 


Compliance Management

Keeping up with and understanding security compliance requirements is tedious and resource intensive. We have experts that consult, identify, and deploy industry best practices and standards. 


Continuous Training

Technology is only one part of effective security. Ensuring your people are educated about protecting themselves and your organization is a vital component of staying secure.

of Small and Medium Businesses reported they were a victim of a cyber attack in the last 12 months


Do You Have Limited STAFF and BUDGETS FOR IT?

Are you concerned about cyber threats that may harm your organization?

Are you Facing Complex Compliance and Regulations Requirements? 

How We Help

Our Managed Security Services are designed to help you meet all your security needs while minimizing the time, effort, and money that you would have to spend on hiring and training internal security staff . Our staff have a deep expertise in security identifying advanced threats, implementing effective and comprehensive security solutions and processes, and tackling difficult compliance challenges. We remove the day to day headaches you face with data protection so you can focus on what you want to - your business. 

Latest News

With cyber security ever-evolving, we needed expertise that could adapt to new threats. Not only that, Stratus Cyber is able to help identify current vulnerabilities while also future-proofing. Now our digital assets have a fortress around them being protected by Stratus Cyber 24/7. Unparralleled expertise for the modern cyber needs of any company.
— Alex Lee, Untethered Labs Inc.