Cloud Security.

Comprehensive Protection for Your
Cloud Journey at Every Stage

Cloud Security.

Comprehensive Protection for Your Cloud Journey at Every Stage

What is it?

Stratus Cyber's Cloud Security Service is designed to fortify your cloud infrastructure at any stage of your cloud journey. Whether you're in the process of designing a secure cloud architecture or looking to enhance the security of an existing environment, our service offers a comprehensive solution. This service is ideal for organizations seeking robust protection for their cloud-based systems, applications, and data, especially in environments requiring stringent security controls.


Cost-Effective Cloud Platforms

Modern Architecture

Minimize the risk of breaches by ensuring your cloud environment is designed and configured securely with modern defenses.

Compliance Assurance

Quickly meet stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, simplifying your security operations.

Advanced Protection

Real-time monitoring of modern cloud native systems with advanced tooling for full visibility and response to threats.

Scalable Security

Flexible and scalable security solutions for any cloud infrastructure that adapts to your growing business needs.

What We Do

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)
Integrates security across cloud-native applications' development and deployment lifecycle, ensuring comprehensive risk management.

Cloud Security Posture
Management (CSPM)

Proactively identify risks in your cloud platform to prevent security misconfigurations and ensure adherence to industry standards.

Secure Architecture

In-depth evaluation of your cloud architecture to ensure it is built with best-in-class security practices and aligns with your business objectives.


Regular scanning and assessment of your cloud infrastructure and workloads to identify and address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
SaaS vendors aiming for FedRAMP authorization
Federal contractors with rigorous ConMon requirements
Organizations seeking to enhance their cloud security with proactive monitoring
Businesses requiring detailed compliance reporting and documentation
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