Effortless Integration of Security into
Your Development Lifecycle


Effortless Integration of Security into Your Development Lifecycle

What is it?

Stratus Cyber's DevSecOps services streamline security into every stage of your software development cycle, ensuring agile, secure product creation. From initial design to deployment, we automate security tools and processes, enforce standards, and promote a culture of security. This comprehensive approach reduces vulnerabilities, speeds up development, and builds robust and secure software solutions.


Cost-Effective Cloud Platforms

Enhanced Security

Integrates security throughout the development process, reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall software security posture.

Faster Delivery

Automates security within CI/CD pipelines, speeding up development cycles and deployment times.

Cost Efficiency

Identifies and resolves security issues early, significantly reducing the costs associated with late-stage fixes.

Improved Compliance

Ensures continuous compliance with regulatory standards, simplifying audits and reducing compliance-related risks.

What We Do

Static Application
Security Testing (SAST)

Implement tools and processes to analyze source code for vulnerabilities, identifying potential security flaws early in development.

Dynamic Application
Security Testing (DAST)

Implement tools and processes to simulate attacks on a running application to identify vulnerabilities, improving application security post-deployment.

Secure CI/CD

Integrate security checks and controls within the automation process, ensuring code is tested and deployed swiftly without compromising security standards.

Infrastructure as
Code Scanning

Scanning IaC code for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and sensitive keys or data to ensure secure cloud environment provisioning.

Mobile Code

Evaluate mobile applications for vulnerabilities and security flaws, ensuring they meet security standards before release and deployment on devices.


Ensure secrets like passwords, tokens, and keys are stored and accessed securely throughout your SDLC to ensure security.
SaaS vendors aiming for FedRAMP authorization
Federal contractors with rigorous ConMon requirements
Organizations seeking to enhance their cloud security with proactive monitoring
Businesses requiring detailed compliance reporting and documentation
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