Protecting your Front Line

of all scanned websites had vulnerabilities


Your website is your front line for your company and is your brand, storefront, and marketing hub. If your website is compromised so are the relationships with your current and future customers. Threats can come in many forms, from infecting your website with malware to stealing customer's personal information or simply crashing your website. Stratus provides scanning, reporting, and remediation to keep your website secure. 

Several security features we can provide your website:

  • Vulnerability Scanning - Finding out where hackers can get in
  • Automated Malware Detection- Checking if malicious software is present and automatically removing it
  • Managed Web Application Firewall - Stop hacker traffic from reaching your website
  • DDoS Prevention - Stop a denial of service attack from bringing down your website
  • Country Blocking - Stop Foreign Hackers
  • Real-Time Threat Defense - Live defense against attacks