Prepare for Potential Data Loss

of SMBs do not routinely back up data, and about a third of U.S. companies had no backup and disaster recovery strategies in place


Backing up your data and devices is often the single most beneficial security measure you can put in place to survive a cyber attack or any other disastrous event. Threats such as Ransomware can encrypt your own business data and hold it hostage until you pay a ransom. If you have your data and systems backed up you can recover from such an attack quickly and efficiently. Even issues such as hardware and software failures, damage, loss, and theft can easily be remediated if you are prepared.

Our backup solution runs in the background, operates remotely, encrypts your data, and provides simple recovery options.

  • Backup a wide variety of physical, virtual, or cloud systems
  • Complete Disk Imaging or backup of specific folders
  • Run your backups instantly as a Virtual Machine to get back to business fast
  • Back up and recover mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones/tablets