Simple and Secure Enterprise Password Management

of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen and/or weak passwords


Remembering secure usernames and passwords is not an easy task. We have countless websites and systems that we login to on a daily basis with different password complexity settings. There are some sites we only login to very occasionally and often have to go through a cumbersome process of resetting the password. The solution to all this is secure password management. All you have to remember is a single strong password and have a secondary authentication app on your phone and you instantly have access to all your usernames and passwords on your desktop, laptop, or smart phone. All your usernames/passwords are stored in a secure vault that can only be accessed by you. You even have the ability to securely share logins within your organization. 

  • One Master Password - A single password unlocks access to the rest of your sites and apps
  • Convenient Access - Access your vault from your desktop, laptop, or smart phone
  • Boost Productivity - Login faster and securely by not wasting time with forgotten passwords
  • Passwords are stored locally - Although you can access your usernames/password from anywhere they keys to access them are only stored on your device, no one else can get access to them.
  • Two Factor Authentication - A second login step such as Google Authenticator is required before accessing your account. This provides an extra layer of protection from unauthorized access to your account. 

Enterprise Features

  • Automate User Management - Quickly on-board employees.
  • Preload Employee Vaults  - Once an employee is provisioned they can automatically have access to corporate sites.
  • Active Directory Integration 
  • Flexible Sharing - Conveniently authorize access to accounts for users inside and outside the organization, without revealing passwords.