of Breaches were perpetrated by outsiders. 


Your company's network is constantly being threatened by various cyber attacks such as viruses, advanced persistent threats, spam, and phishing. In addition to that there are other internal concerns such as bandwidth allocation, inappropriate website browsing, unwanted application usage, and more. Stratus Cyber brings enterprise grade network security hardware and software to your Small Business. Our Unified Threat Management Solutions surpass your basic firewall and antivirus solutions for more complete protection. 

Stratus Cyber Provides the following features to protect your network:

  • Web Filter - Filter web traffic including inappropriate and malicious content
  • Policy Manager -  Define and manage usage based on time, device, username, etc.
  • VPN - Securely extend your organizations network to remote users
  • Application Control - Enforce restrictions on applications running your network such as Bittorrent
  • Virus Blocker - Prevent malware from reaching your network and devices
  • Spam Blocker - Prevent spam from reaching your users
  • Firewall - Block unwanted IPs, Ports, Protocols
  • IPS - Block hacking attempts before they reach your network