Ensuring Your Security in the Blockchain World



Dollars of Crypto Currency lost in a Single Hack Due to a flaw in Blockchain code 

Although it may seem like working with Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology provides all the security necessary, this is not true. Blockchain technologies are still susceptible to many of the same issues that plague regular software and systems. The blockchain is still interacted with by Web Pages, Servers, Mobile Devices, and of course People. Each of these things still pose a threat to the security of the blockchain and thus your cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and ICO.

Some services we offer to help secure your Blockchain Company/ICO:

  • Web Application Audits - We thoroughly test your website before the launch of your ICO to ensure that your website is not easily hacked or your ICO account is changed and money is directed somewhere else.
  • Smart Contract Audit and Testing - Flaws in Solidity Smart Contract Code can result in poorly operating contracts, or worse, introduce vulnerabilities that risk losing money and the reputation of your work. We manually analyze your Smart Contract and Token Sale Code to ensure the highest level of security and perform testing in a test environment before you launch.
  • Website Security  - We protect your website from hackers using an enterprise Web Application Firewall (WAF). Our enterprise WAF also protects you from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) keeping your website up during periods of high loads. Our Real-Time Website Monitoring alerts you to unauthorized changes immediately enabling rapid response.
  • ICO Phishing Assessment - Phishing is often an avenue of exploit for companies. We perform intense phishing assessments against your organization to make sure your employees are armed and trained with the knowledge to keep themselves and your company safe. 
  • Social Media Monitoring - Our custom tools monitor your Telegram groups as well as Twitter and Facebook accounts for any suspicious activity and alert your team immediately. 
  • Continuous Security Monitoring  - We use a powerful Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) system to gather threat intelligence from open source feeds and combine that with security events from your infrastructure, website change detection events, and token sale/smart contract events. By combining all this data into your powerful platform our security analysts have the ability to detect and respond to threats effectively and rapidly. 

We have a team of professionals that is highly experienced in security architecture, security operations, software testing, and blockchain. Combining first-class security experience with Blockchain proficiency ensures that you are kept as secure as possible.