Your blockchain technology, secured

Whether you’ve implemented blockchain or plan to implement the technology for your organization, Stratus has solutions.


Policy and Procedures

Tap into our expertise in developing guidelines that proactively protect your distributed system and prepare you to respond to unwanted incidents. 

Wallet Storage
Access, Identification, Authentication
Audit and Accountability
Incident Response
Contingency Planning


Blockchain Security Testing

Secure your system with pen testing that identifies weak cryptography and logic flaws and get insights on how to fix weak spots and enhance your system’s overall security.

Secure Blockchain System Design
Blockchain System Penetration Testing
Blockchain Application Static/Dynamic Testing
Secure Smart Contract Development
Smart Contract Auditing
Web Application Security


Social Monitoring

Know your social media accounts are in good hands with 24/7 monitoring for Facebook and Twitter. 

Our proprietary Telegram security bot monitors your critical chat accounts and automatically takes action on any suspicious activity.


Blockchain Security Training

Give your team a strong foundation in cybersecurity and best practices for protecting your token offering or blockchain-based project. The 2-day, on-site course covers multiple topics.

Blockchain Fundamentals and Security Basics
Token Offering Security
Types of Blockchains
Token Offerings, Contracts, and Wallets
Node Overview and Security
Blockchain Security Tools


Smart Contract Audit

Ensure that your smart contracts and token sale code is secure before your launch with our thorough testing and analysis.


Password Recovery

Restore a missing password for your customers with our Ethereum Wallet Password Recovery tool.


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